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TeacherEase/Common Goals


To access student grades and other school information including cafeteria balances, students and parents can logon to TeacherEase. Acess includes grades, class information, cafeteria balances, and schedules.  Some teachers include calendar items and class asignments.


As a parent, if you provide an email adress to the school office at registration, you will receive a welcome email from TeacherEase with information and a temporary login to access your account. If you did not receive one, then you should check your spam mail and see if the email is there.


As a student, you will need to use the school email account given which will be yours throughouth your school career. You will receive a welcome email from TeacherEase with further instructions on gaining access.


If you are not presently accessing TeacherEase, but would like to, contact the Lincolnwood School OFfice at 217.229.4237 for further information.


Click here to see the program and to logon.


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